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Water conservancy and hydropower applications

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Autonomous flight mode, a UAV is flexible, low altitude tracking landing mode, with fast response ability to obtain data, applied to water conservancy and hydropower engineering plays an important role and
Significant advantages, such as:
1. safety and environment detection of water conservancy project
2. surveying and mapping of water conservancy projects
3. dynamic monitoring and monitoring of water environment
4. soil and water environment detection
5. aerial photograph
6. Power Patrol Line
Two, the specific application and advantages:
1. safety and environment detection of water conservancy project
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) carries out low altitude remote sensing and completes rapid mapping and information monitoring. It has the advantages of high data resolution and fast implementation. Using the UAV maneuverability, higher resolution image features, combined with the method of spatial information technology, the high resolution image and high precision GPS system together, improve the intuitive analysis and scientific decision-making basis for the ecological environment construction, large projects, beware of reservoirs and other water conservancy project to improve the safety of effective monitoring.
Surveying and mapping of water conservancy projects
As to UAV remote sensing flying platform, the load data of remote sensing equipment, processing system is used to support the use of remote sensing data, real time on earth or to target waters for rapid processing and observation data. The completion of the digital line planning, digital elevation model and digital orthophoto map drawing, provide important information for the construction of the project.
3. dynamic monitoring and monitoring of water environment
The use of UAV remote sensing image technology of false color composite image according to the monitoring of water conservancy project area in different period of time, the time to analyze the submerged area waters, to analyze the flow moving speed and direction of water use; infrared radiation rate with other earth radiation rate, has quite different characteristics, for the selection of appropriate waters, infrared, determine the water threshold. The threshold water within the range of the infrared radiation range is defined as a non water body. According to this principle, the water level value and the water level coverage area of the water conservancy project can be calculated. The implementation of dynamic monitoring of the waters, to identify changes within the scope of the waters, waters, waters to establish survey statistics and other basic data management system through the water control, the water management informationization gradually, to meet the needs of social economic development and water management. Based on the dynamic monitoring results of waters, the data of water area change and illegal water occupation are set up to provide basis for water conservancy management.
Soil and water environment detection
Soil and water conservation is one of the important role of water conservancy projects, water conservancy project due to large scale, the statistics of the area of soil and water conservation and soil erosion situation, simply rely on manual processing, the workload is huge and cannot ensure the accuracy of the data. The investigation of soil erosion by unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technique is more rapid and accurate. Combined with remote sensing technology and conventional methods, the GIS
Quantitative calculation of soil erosion by accessing, expressing and calculating. The use of remote sensing image acquisition of UAV, soil erosion, status and occurrence characteristics and trends, scientific analysis and timely formulate strategies for improvement, accelerate the control of soil erosion, ensure the actual utility of water conservancy project.
Aerial photograph
Using unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing image technology, the surrounding environment can be quickly investigated, surveying and mapping, image information integration, the establishment of the surrounding environment terrain model. Help patrol, inspect and observe the surrounding environment.
6. Power Patrol Line
Unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with high-definition digital cameras and cameras and GPS positioning systems can locate and cruise autonomously along the power grid and transmit video images in real time. The monitoring personnel can watch and control simultaneously on the computer. Recommended reason: using the traditional manual power line patrol, difficult conditions, low efficiency, power line patrol work occasionally encounter "dog chasing" "bite" risk. The unmanned aerial vehicle has realized the electronic, the information, the intellectualized inspection, enhanced the power line inspection work efficiency, the emergency rescue level and the power supply reliability rate. The emergency in flash floods, earthquake disaster, no potential danger of man-machine line, investigation and emergency investigation such as tower without the slightest problem such as collapse, road conditions, to avoid the pain and can climb the tower, to survey the human visual angle, the UAV can quickly reflect and close inspection equipment equipped with remote control, machine hand can also be used for high pressure pipe line with simple repairs. It's very helpful for the quick restoration of power supply.



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