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Environmental application

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Because of the serious environmental pollution, in recent years, China's efforts in environmental protection have increased, and environmental monitoring can not be ignored, and unmanned aerial vehicle monitoring equipment has gradually become one of the mainstream trends. The UAV has good timeliness, good maneuverability and wide range of inspections. It is mainly used for environmental monitoring.
The high resolution images produced by UAV can visually distinguish pollution sources, pollution ports, visible floating objects, etc., and generate distribution maps, which provide the basis for environmental evaluation and environmental monitoring. The multispectral image can be generated by the direct and comprehensive monitoring of surface water quality conditions, thematic map information of eutrophication, algal blooms, the organic pollution degree and clear degree, the sewage outfall drainage pollution extent, so as to achieve the monitoring of water quality characteristics of pollutants monitoring purposes. As a result, the water environment condition can be visually and comprehensively demonstrated, and the influence degree and range of the pollutant can be monitored and warned so as to provide the support for the treatment and disposal of the water pollution accident.
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can realize high space and large area monitoring through different navigation. It can also realize low space and small range accurate monitoring. It can also monitor the measuring area of tens of square kilometers at many times and many times. Through multispectral analysis, the monitoring data of large area are obtained, and the surface information is combined with the traditional point information, so as to provide the basis for the evaluation of the macro environment of the whole measurement area. Through the comprehensive display of environmental conditions in the survey area, the impact of pollutants in the survey area, scope, for the relevant departments to provide decision-making demonstration. The UAV is equipped with camera equipment and the image resolution can reach 0.1 to 0.5 meters, the resolution is better than the present high resolution satellite image data; data acquisition and processing speed, its acquisition capacity can reach every acquisition and processing of nearly 4000 square kilometers. With the advantages of the price of satellite images and the rapid collection of aerial images, high performance automatic processing technology can be used to complete data pretreatment, finish machining, mosaic and elevation data generation, and the overall data cost is low. It can be easily integrated with GIS and remote sensing application system, and can quickly build environmental protection applications, which can provide comprehensive and periodic services.


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