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Application of forest fire prevention

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The daily forestry work mainly includes forest pest monitoring, forest resources investigation, wildlife conservation management, forest fire prevention and afforestation, etc. the work environment of the outside industry is arduous and the workload is great. At present, with the development of real-time video image transmission technology, UAV and UAV technology has been gradually applied to the daily work of forestry, greatly improving the work efficiency and accuracy, save manpower, has obvious advantages and broad application prospect.
In recent years, the demand for forest fire prevention in our country has been increasing day by day. The investment in forest resources protection has been increasing continuously. The satellite has been used for resource census and forest fire surveillance. Considering the above considerations, UAV forest fire prevention has unlimited market potential. Through remote sensing equipment equipped with routine inspections, monitoring forest fires, fire, fire spots and other emergency rescue work, as far as possible to stifle the forest fire in the bud.

The value, significance and benefit of UAV application
Because forest fire has the characteristics of artificiality and diversity, the application of unmanned aerial vehicle in forest fire prevention has the advantages of low cost, rapid deployment, convenient operation and diversified functions. In addition, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system has the capability of rapid and real-time inspection when monitoring over the forest area, especially when people are unable to reach the area where the vehicle can not reach, and the UAV shows unique advantages. In the monitoring and prevention of forest fires, it can overcome complex weather and complex landing and other difficulties, there is no security problems, and can even achieve more than the monitoring effect of aircraft. UAVs can carry out multi - batch, non-stop flight, which benefits from the wide coverage, high efficiency, tight monitoring of flight monitoring system. This system is easy to operate, which means where to fly, good operation, easy to control, easy to recycle, is a tool for forest fire prevention staff. If the upgrade of the loading equipment, it can perform night missions, to perform fire reconnaissance and fire detection task. In this way, fire commanders can be deployed in time for fire brigade, real-time understanding of fire situation and fire suppression effect, prevention of key areas, timely extinguished fire, eliminate dark fire.

Forest fires are destructive and difficult to detect, so it is important to detect fires and extinguish forest fires early. At present, China's monitoring system for forest fire prevention is not perfect, there are more traditional human in the low altitude flight control strictly, fire coverage is not wide, high energy consumption, and do not have the night flight in the smoke or fog in the environment capacity. In addition, there are still problems such as the unclear power and responsibility of government agencies and the poor communication in the fire scene, which can not meet the needs of actual work. As a powerful complement to the existing forestry monitoring methods, UAVs can achieve "fast, complete, fine", showing intelligence and information technology. The drone of the relatively low cost; maintenance cost is lower than a human; the training cost is low with man-machine; view of overall global monitoring, can grasp the direction, the fire spread, but also focus on local detection and capture of high temperature fire are key factors in the decision to help.
Man machine separation, high safety, can replace the front-line fire fighters to detect the fire, and maximize the safety of fire personnel.
Easy to carry, easy to operate, quick response, landing, low environmental requirements.


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