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Application of law enforcement system

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In recent years in our country gradually along with the city countryside, land illegally occupied land, exceed the standard, ultra vires, idle periods and other illegal phenomenon is also increasing. Land law enforcement supervision is the land and resources management departments in accordance with the law of the region's land management, laws and regulations of the implementation of supervision and inspection, and the law enforcement activities against offenders. China's current land law enforcement mainly rely on artificial field survey and aerial part and other technical means, generally low efficiency, long cycle, high cost, difficult to place some inspections in place, human judgment and objectivity and not intuitive
Other problems. Although the government has established a series of corresponding mechanism and measures, but in time to stop, filed evidence, illegal land use behavior and implementation difficulties, the situation and tasks facing the land law enforcement is very difficult. Therefore. How to strengthen the land law enforcement intelligence, based on prevention, timely, comprehensive and accurate, after investigation, timely grasp of land resources quantity, quality, distribution and trends, is the urgent need to realize comprehensive, reasonable, intensive development and utilization of land, and alleviate the increasingly apparent contradiction between supply and demand of land in a certain extent.
UAV remote sensing system using advanced unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing technology, sensor technology, communication technology, GPS technology and the application of remote sensing technology, special automation, intelligent, access to land, resources, environment and space remote sensing information. It is flexible, efficient, fast, precise, accurate and low cost of operation. It has made certain achievements in meteorological monitoring, resource development, monitoring and assessment of natural disasters, photogrammetry and so on. The use of UAV remote sensing system of aerial surveillance area to obtain the real-time image data, by comparing the data with the front analysis, can be suspected of illegal use of land area, draw the map spot and monitor the suspected classification number, statistical area, thus realizing the dynamic monitoring of land and new illegal land use in real time supervision and inspection, timely grasp of land change ', for the intensive and economical use of land to provide a scientific basis for.


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