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Application of Surveying and mapping

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With the development of industrial grade UAVs in recent years, the continuous technological innovation under the conditions of domestic UAV has been able to quickly obtain accurate geographic information data in a variety of complex terrain and weather conditions, for the traditional aerial photography provides a more powerful support。
And our UAV advantages are gradually highlighted:
1.Durable, cost-effective。
2.Easy to carry transport。
3.No special site requirements。
5.Little affected by the weather。
UAV workflow
1、Survey of survey area
   Building facilities survey, topography survey, survey area statistics, survey area road survey, weather forecast
2、Route planning
   Loading area map, dividing the survey area, setting the altitude, setting overlap, statistical flight sorties, and selecting the departure place of each measurement area
3、Aerial operation
   Pre flight check, one shot take-off, automatic operation, ground monitoring and automatic return
4、data processing
   Export POS data, export impact data, import modeling server, air triangle encryption processing, automatic
Generate 3D model, DOM and DSM data processing
Breakthroughs in conventional tilt photography
 1、It breaks the high threshold of the traditional large aircraft aerial survey at tens of millions of yuan, greatly reducing the cost of data acquisition, and making oblique photography popular。
2、The cost of tilt photography will be reduced to 1000 yuan / sq km by 6000 yuan / sq km of large aircraft。
3、Tilt photography from complex vetting and collaborative work into a job that only 2 people can do。
4、Through one implementation, the actual 3D model, real projective image, 1:500 large scale topographic map and other data results are generated, and the precision of Surveying and mapping is completely reached。


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