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S1800 Hand cast fixed wing UAV

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Equipped with high precision air orientation system, flexible, time saving, high efficiency of the difficult areas in the aerial remote sensing ground mapping accuracy of 5cm support post differential and RTK operation mode of the built-in IMU light

System characteristic

Built in high precision aviation positioning system
Flexible, time-saving and efficient
Aerial remote sensing in difficult areas
The accuracy of ground mapping is up to 5cm
Support post hoc differencing and RTK job model
Built in IMU, lightweight PoS
Supports all visible GNSS signals for BDS, GPS, and GLONASS.
Technological innovation stems from a shift in thinking
In the traditional UAV large scale mapping work, laying on the ground control points as the work takes up project time and cost, and the ground control points as the related work can almost take project more than 50% of the time, in the difficult areas this ratio will be higher, and even lead to project failure.
The differential GNSS cm level precision positioning technology and differential directional technology of high precision GNSS/INS positioning, so that each photo obtained foreign bit line cm level elements and high precision angle elements, indirect geographic reference for direct geographic reference, Charlie star has less ground control and no ground as new operation control and compared to the ground like a control of traditional solutions, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
1、 take off
S1800 unmanned aerial vehicle——Hand takeoff
After the rapid completion of the UAV assembly, the operator began to select the target area and the expected ground sampling distance. Flight planning software automatically creates independent flight plans according to field conditions and parameters. It is quick and convenient, and supports flight plan site adjustment。
The flight plan is uploaded to the UAV, and in the automatic take-off mode, the operator only needs to throw the aircraft into the air. It does not need any launcher, elastic rope or any other auxiliary device. The operation is so simple and easy。
S1800 UAV - automatic, manual assisted or manual downhill landing
If the landing area is unable to achieve automatic landings due to obstructions or narrow space, the operator can easily land the landing with the assistance of the automatic flight module. The automatic flight module will guarantee the UAV's attitude stability, and the operator needs only simple control。
一、Matching camera
At the same time, matching the corresponding camera inspection software

1 Sony  QX1

Sensor: APS (23.2*15.4mm)
Active pixels: 20 million 100 thousand
Continuous shooting speed: support (up to about 3.5 / sec)
Shutter speed: 30-1/4000 seconds:
Battery type: lithium battery (NP-FW50)
Endurance: about 440 photos


Sensor: full frame (35.9*24mm)
Active pixels: 36 million 400 thousand
Continuous shooting speed: support (up to about 4 / sec)
Burst mode: the fastest of about 1.5 / sec
Shutter speed: 30-1/8000 seconds
Battery type: lithium battery (NP-FW50)
Endurance: about 340

2、System constitution
UAV airframe

Navigation control system based on Neuron Adaptive Technology
Sony-QX1/a 7R camera Suite
Professional camera check software
Differential GNSS high precision positioning and orientation system (AGS200/300)
GodWork null three software
GodWork-EOS modeling software
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