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S-7501 Ultra long voyage four rotor unmanned flying platform

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Super long life time, empty machine hovering for 61 minutes, u carbon fiber frame, in ensuring the strength of the platform, effectively reduce the weight of the platform. U folding design, easy to carry. U life waterproof, can fly in the light rain
  • Long endurance, empty air hovering for 61 minutes
  • The carbon fiber frame can effectively reduce the weight of the platform while ensuring the strength.
  • Folding design, easy to carry.
  • Life waterproof, can fly in the light rain day.
  • 2.4GHz frequency hopping data chain, full HD digital image transmission, control radius of 5 kilometers.
  • IPad ground control station, support a variety of flight control applications, easy independent flight.
  • It is equipped with 7 times zoom visible light camera, three axis machine head steady, and a variety of optional load fast replacement, adapt to different operation requirements.
Whole parameter
Wheelbase: 750mm
Air machine weight: 1280g (excluding power battery and task load)
Maximum control distance: 5km (no interference, no blocking environment)
Maximum flight height: 500M (in accordance with the law of use)
No load life: 61min (standard atmospheric pressure, no wind environment)
Maximum load: 1kg
Working environment temperature: -20~40 degrees Celsius
Maximum takeoff altitude: 5000m
Foldable carbon fiber frame
Rack weight: 587g
Life grade waterproof
dynamic system High efficiency, low speed brushless motor, 17.5 inch folding screw, single axle maximum pull 2kg
Data link
Operating frequency: 2.400-2.480GHz
Maximum signal effective distance: 5km (no interference, no barrier)
Data back: Full HD digital images, flight parameters, real-time location information
Flight control unit
Master size: 57.9x39x17mm
Main weight: 132g
Two mode positioning navigation system
Dual IMU backup
Functions: automatic positioning mode, high maneuver flight mode, intelligent flying mode and gesture mode
Disaster recovery mechanism: low power automatic return, lost signal, automatic return, emergency shutdown
7 times zoom visible light camera
Size: 105x115x85mm
Weight: 262g
Sensor: 1/2.33, CMOS 12 million 400 thousand, valid pixels
Lens: 7 times zoom F/2.8-/5.2
Maximum static image resolution: 4000x3000 JPG\DNG
Maximum dynamic image resolution: 4096x2160 MOV\MP4
Stabilization of three axis mechanical Yuntai
Built in planetary gear stabilizer to eliminate high-frequency jitter, zoom without jelly effect, POS record: automatic location information recording, directly written to the file properties, without post-processing
Ground control station
Processing platform: iPad Mini
Support a variety of flight management software, you can achieve the geographical fence, automatic surveying and mapping, waypoint flight and other independent functions
Power battery 22.2v high capacity lithium polymer battery

1, flight platform (1 units)
2, remote control (1 units)
3, 7 times zoom visible light camera (1 units)
4, iPad Mini ground station (1 units)
5, power battery (group 2)
6, charger (1 units)
7, spare parts kit (1 sets)
8, transfer box (1)

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